What can I do for the project

The success of the project in protecting the red squirrel will also depend on the awareness and cooperation of all of us.

This site helps you to better understand the threat to the survival of the red squirrel and suggests how to improve your knowledge.

Help us to protect the red squirrel:

  • Do not buy and release squirrels of any species: introducing them into urban parks and natural environments can cause problems to native wildlife.
  • Collaborate with researchers and staff of the Parks and Provinces making easier their work in the field (you will find information locally, as well as on this site).
  • Report the presence of alien squirrels in the contact page of this site, you will help us to collect data and information useful for monitoring.

Informing yourself and inviting your friends to do the same you will help not only the red squirrel, but the environment in general.