What can I do to avoid it happening anymore

With this site we hope to be able to give useful information on issues arising from the introduction of alien species and particularly on risks to the conservation of red squirrels associated with the presence of the American grey squirrel.

This is just one of many examples of loss of biodiversity resulting from the introduction of alien species. Unfortunately there are many documented situations in which the introduction of species is a serious threat to biodiversity.

Help us to protect biodiversity:

  • Avoid buying and releasing exotic animals and report their presence to the authorities: their introduction into the natural environment can have dramatic consequences for the ecosystem.
  • Whoever buys an animal or an exotic plant is making the environment run a risk that probably is hard to immagine. Who releases it in nature commits a seriously harmful (and illegal) action.
  • Knowing and understanding the problem is the first step to ensure that cases such as that of the grey squirrel do not occur anymore in the future.

The protection of biodiversity depends on the awareness and cooperation of everyone to the protection activities that are already in progress, but also by changing our behaviour.